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Josephine Marks

Bass Guitar, Guitar, Vocals
Steinberger Spirit 5 String
4 String Fretless
Rob Armstrong & Yamaha Acoustics
Hartke HA5500 Amp & VX410 Cabinet

Jo started playing the guitar at infant school and went on to attend Saturday music school from the age of 11-15, learning classical guitar with David Cottam and singing in the school choir. She played guitar in the school sports hall at the age of 14 with a couple of school friends who later formed the band ‘Talk Talk’.

In her words ... "really I wanted to play very loud rock music, then punky, gothic, weird folky/acoustic. I played heavily-effected guitar in ‘The Grieve’, then started to write a lot of my own songs, playing the electric guitar sort of by ‘shapes’ and my own inventions rather than having learned it through playing blues/jazz etc (like proper musicians) !  I then played in folk clubs and open mike nights, and joined ‘The Hedgemonkeys’, teaching myself bass guitar. I've since played bass in many musical styles, learning all the time.  I started to play the 5-string bass about six years ago."

Jo now plays, sings and significantly enhances the velvet undercloak of Bram Stoker with her performing and song-writing talents.

Jo is married to drummer Warren and they have two boys.

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