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Barry Lines (Baz)

Bass Guitar,  Lead Vocals
Cort 5 string bass
Squier 5 string jazz bass


Barry Lines (Baz) has been a musician since 1972, playing many varying styles. His most successful time was in the early 1980s when signed to A&M records and a subsidiary of Warner Brothers called Rialto Records. The band The Planets had some chart success with 2 singles, one reaching number 30. He was involved in many tours of the UK, extensive recording sessions and appeared briefly on French television.


Many years later Baz started teaching music and worked as a music teacher at The South Downs college for 17 years plus 25 years of private music teaching.


He has also been fortunate enough to see a lot of the world playing in a Beatles tribute act on cruise ships for many years.


For all his musical years Baz has been a Guitarist/vocalist but on hearing from his good friend Neil in the band that Bram Stoker needed a bassist/vocalist he happily and excitedly offered his services. He was already a fan of their music and loved the challenge of playing bass and singing lead vocals.

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